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26th-Jan-2011 10:57 pm - 017/365.
lee hyori

today is also my dad's birthday! so happy birthday, dad! love ya!!

we're gonna celebrate closer to the weekend, w/more food, of course. lol.

p.s. not our cake. just a random cake from google search cause i forgot to snap a picture of dad before going home tonight.

26th-Jan-2011 12:04 pm - 015/365.
lee hyori

so restaurant week came and i got fat & comatose and much too lazy to post. apparently i have a lot of catching up to do. i was going to just post things and backdate the entry, but even now i'm too lazy to do all that. but, i will catch up, even if that means double or triple posting a day. btw, restaurant week was awesome. i totally got my yelp on. and then extended it for another week to boot! i'm contemplating if the hubs and i will go some more (asides from our one spot last night --donovan's) cause we realized that 5 days straight is a bit... too much, lol. for someone who likes to eat out as much as i do? yeah... definitely not going to do that again. i feel fat and unhealthy, although the food was absolutely tasty! maybe we'll go every other day next time. :)

while on the topic of resto week and food, we celebrated my brother's 30th birthday last night. donovan's is faaaaaaancy!!! that was the first time i ever felt i should be in a dress and heels just to eat. but we weren't and we were still treated w/great service. i guess i have something to compare to ruth's chris now. maybe we should give flemmings a go as well and just see which is our favorite steakhouse? that would be fun. an yummy.

i'm such a fattie. lol.

14th-Jan-2011 10:57 am - 012/365.
lee hyori

oh hell no. i'm a pisces now? no. no. i strongly disagree. i ain't no damn fish. i'm a freakin' ram; strong, hard-headed, and will run you over (w/my attitude, lol). trick being a fish, yo.

zodiacs don't rule my life, mind you, but i do think aspects of my personal do match well w/it's descriptions and it bugs a lil to tell me what i thought i was no longer is. gah!

12th-Jan-2011 12:05 pm - 011/365.
lee hyori

so san diego restaurant week is just around the corner! i'm totally excited because this year, my hubby and i are going to 5 different spots monday thru friday. we stepped it up a big notch for us, as in previous years we've only went to 1 place, 1 day. lol! i think this shall be my farewell week to all delicious foods, and i'll restart my diet once this week is over. wanna hear our line-up? no? too bad, i'm gonna post it anyway cause i'm that excited!!!

monday (1/17) we'll be going to whisknladle in la jolla. my boss told me about this spot and pointed out that they are actually offering their entire menu for restaurant week!! that is basically the main reason to go, to try whatever you want for that set price! score! thanks, whisknladle, for doing that!

tuesday (1/18) we'll be dining at ruth's chris steakhouse in del mar. i've never been there. i believe when i told that to my boss, she told me to shut the front door. aka, stfu and na-uh! lol! i've heard nothing but delish things from that place so it's finally time to give it a go!

wednesday (1/19) we're off to oceanaire seafood room in downtown. we've heard about this spot specifically from watching top chef season 3, lol. brian malarky, the contestant from san diego, has since then opened searsucker, which i heard is pretty amazing too. it wasn't on the list for restaurant week, so we'll have to try that place another time.

on thursday (1/20) we're back in la jolla to dine at tapenade! i'm rather excited for this place as i haven't had any french food since eating at bouchon, which i absolutely love love love. w/the high and great ratings i read over at yelp, i have high expectations for this place!

and finally, friday (1/21), you can find us over at avenue 5 in banker hills. another highly recommended spot from my boss, so i'm super excited to check it out!

i'm sure i'll gain a gazillion calories for the week's worth of food indulgence, but hopefully it will all be worth it! i have the rest of the brand new year to lose it, so carpe diem! or week, actually! haha!

8th-Jan-2011 11:38 pm - 007/365.
lee hyori

today was a super sleepy day. i woke up too early, slept through mid-afternoon, got up & out for dinner, and now i have a food coma and want to sleep again. dunno why i'm so tired today... it could also be because i'm sleeping too much, but... there's no such thing in my world for i love sleep because i am a bear and it's hybernating time! lol.

but my husband did call me a bear today, lol. that's also a picture of my tabby boo after i just woke him up. it's totally representative of how i'm feeling today. w/that said, good night!

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