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i have a basic account cause i hate ads and i'm not paying for anything unless LJ opens up permenent accounts again. if you see ads jacking up my layout, either login, sign up, or deal. i'm happy as long as i don't see it.


i am aries. i am pinay. i am a university graduate. i adore animals. i am about big family clan love. i am a graphic designer. i'm now in love w/helvetica neue or anything that looks close to it. i was a folk dancer. i was a pianist. i am a Playstation & PC gamer, but i'm a APPLE user. i can’t live without music. i love to sing in my car. loud. i love to imagine. i am a creative writer and reader. i am quiet. i am shy. i am a hard worker. i am sometimes boring. i sometimes get very restless. i am playful. i am plainly funny. i am one who adores sarcasm. i am a chaotic thinker. i am a realist, a pessimist, a downer, a couch potato. i love JUICE. i read OMTD daily. i am an asian drama ADDICT. i am a homebody. i am attracted to bad boy exteriors w/soft-hearted interiors. i may not look it nor act it but deep down i am a hopeless romantic. i am forever in love with a badass vampire named Spike.